Im making some request for people on gimkit

Request any machine for me to make and i will go with majority

Ok make a private jet, if its even possable.

ill try to make a private jet map

if you want to help you can

Ok send me a code on the GCC because codes aren’t allowed here.

i have sent you the code


im in school rn okay

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Same, and it is still loading me in;

it shows that you are in

my screen looks like the screen shot i just sent.

hey guys can I get in the code. if you don’t mind

okay got it nmnmnmnmn

no you can not get the code

oh crap never mind the wix site is blocked for me

sorry i keep forgetting it is not allowed during school

i am allowed to work

I am not hosting but you can get on the GCC if you want to post codes and chat about anything. as long its appropreate.

Um seeing as this is not a guide and it never got completed … imma change it to devices