Im making my own farmchain map in creative

but i dont know how to make all the muchines ive all ready got the lottery machine done i just need to get the seed machines done so if you guys could help me that would be awesome and ill end you guys the link for it when im done

Check out farmchain tag

thx i will look into it

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i dont see where how to make the machine for the seeds

Have a vending machine cost however much you want. Have it “grant item” and set that item to be a seed


Welcome to the forum, @brushyprism42!

@brushyprism42 Ok, so try to do this with a vending machine:
Open up devices

Then place it down and click on it.

Put the required item (if you want it to be cash put cash in or for the lottery ticket)

Next, go to grant item tab and then click granted item, type in seed, and click which seed you want or cash (for the lottery)

Then after your done picking it, click off of it.

You can go into game mode and see if it says this:

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Don’t share links or game c0des on the forums. Share your map here instead:

i know how to do that i want it to act like it is in farmchain

That’s what @Horses_Are_Awesome showed you.

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I showed you, maybe look at it more I added detail

i want the one that you need research for to deactivate and where you buy the seed to activate

Ok, hold on let me get onto my creative and take some screenshots to show you

Ok, open up devices, then type in button. Click that device and place it down. Then click on it: look at the pic:

Next, go to devices, and search vending machine, place it down and then do this:

You can also make it not visible during the game by going to appearance tab and clicking no to visible during game ( for the button click on it, and then click change size, make it bigger for a later step)
Next, place down a table of your choice.

Then cover the button. and your done! You can then copy them and paste, you can also put props on the tables.

ok thank you for all your help

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No problem @brushyprism42!

also i know this is unrelated but how do you make the barriers only deactivate for one person and that person is the only one that can go back and forth through the barrier while other people can not