[ 📰 ] Resources For Farming

Here are some resources that will help you with farming/crafting:


Nice guide, @mysz!

Indeed, a nice guide. going off the “crafting” part, do you guys have any ideas of how to make working minecraft crafting tables
(maybe tons of popups, properties, etc)

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Well, if you don’t mind not having the 9 x 9 grid, all you need is a lot of pop-ups with call to action buttons, checkers, and item granters.

I guess… I was thinking a button in each square, and then a series of popups, properties, and triggers/checkers.

button in each to detect what you are holding

Inventory managers keep track of items, if an item can be crafted a craft button pops up where you can select the item you want to craft.

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what if you can craft two things at the same time, but crafting the first thing would not let you craft the second thing, and you want to craft the second thing.


you would have the first one go to a trigger, when triggered set a property to true, then the second one is also connected to a trigger, and if that property is false it broadcasts so it could be crafted, but if it is true then nothing happens or you get something that says too bad
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Pop up menu

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i think minecraft’s grid is 3x3

Yeah that’s what I meant :sweat_smile:

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resources bumpp

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(farming in the farm)

(goes into research)

(finds this guide and burmps it)

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yay exactly 30 days later but discourse says 29 >:(

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