I'm making a tag game where when your tagged you switch teams. I want the taggers to be fast but can't figure out how to make them fast in the beginning

I’m making a hide and seek tag game and have figured out everything so far but there’s this like weird programming thing I don’t understand. So I have all of the life cycle things set up, the relays, tag zones, speed modifiers and everything works great but when you start in the beginning if your a tagger your not fast. In my game when you tag someone you switch teams and after the first tag everything works fine.
What i’ve done so far is connect the team switcher and speed modifiers to the tag zones so that when someone is tagger they become a fast tagger and when someone tags someone they are a slow hider.

How do you get the taggers to be fast in the beginning?

Lifecycle > Relay “All Players” > Speed device.
If you don’t know, “>” represents a wire.


@Jordy-doo-jet You’re not allowed to share codes here, sorry. Please delete that post.

You could ask someone to help on the wix:https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/

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did not know that-- sorry lol

Oh yeah. That relay sets to all players, so wire that relay with a wire repeater that is only set to the tagging team.

Yeah the lifecycle thing works!

Lifecycle> Relay “Players on a specific team” (team 1/taggers) > speed modifier
and then I also had to add
Lifecycle> Relay “Players on a specific team” (team 2/hiders) > speed modifier


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