I'm making a keyboard type game and need help

The title says my question but what I fully want is to be a keyboard which I have already made and a whole bunch of buttons like in the picture. I want the game to be about when you push a button, that letter under it will be put up on the TV, so really there is a word and they have to press each button to spell out the word. The catch is that when you enter the keyboard place then all the letters disappear and you have to type in the word based on your keyboard set up. (Chromebook)

Is this possible or not?

It is! Check out this guide below…

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I will check it out but first to not get into it so much, I HAVE AN IDEA!

What is the idea, @Jacob?

Well, I’m thinking of putting a word there straight off the bat on the TV and after a few seconds a counter takes it away, then you have to type the letter for the word but if you get one wrong you get sent somewhere else or become a spectator. If you type each letter right on tv then it goes on tv and then once the word is complete, you get to go to the next challenge.

…I see. The keyboard guide should help with most of that

But I think you may be on your own about the team changing… unless there’s a guide I don’t know about yet

But my classmates are reckless and I need to make a (RULE!) room so they know what is happening.

You should be able to put the rule room in the pre game lobby.

Ya but my game isnt just about this keyboard thing it has more challenges before it aswell.

I’m saying all the rules could go into the pre-game lobby…

Ahhhh, that makes more sense, thanks for the help btw.

Your welcome! Anything else you need help on?

I don’t think so but if I do then I ask you!

Alright, but if you’ve solved your problem, please mark a solution :white_check_mark:!

Use a zone’s channel options to show and hide the text. The keyboard guide should help with that. I forget if it has a backspace button though…