I'm making a Fallout inspired map and I don't know how to make a rad system

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make a radiation system?

Maybe have a zone that activates a repeater when entered, and deactivates a repeater when exited. You could have a damager damage the player every time the repeater runs so the player gets hurt as long as they are in the zone. Hope this helps!

First, why is everyone making fallout maps? Two you just need to have a counter updating property. For counter just:
when hit (NEED HELP HERE) → add a counter to the counter → update property"Rad" → blocks show “Health” property (Another property) = Regular amount of health - get property “Rad” broadcast “1” → Damager when receiving on channel do blocks > do damage max Hp minus “Rad” → EXTRA (blocks > when “Health” = 0 broadcast “b” → end game.) You can also set to “Rad” 0 from counter reset.
This confuses me, but hope it helps!

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