Im making a darksouls-gimkit-game and i need a thumbnail, i will give LOTS of credit

Game name: Gim Souls
Name of creator: ThatOneDev
Name of Thumbnail maker: (insert thumbnail maker name here.)
Details of game: You fight through 3 very hard bosses until you reach an area, where you can fight all of the bosses at once or end the game.

@ThatOneDev what gims do you want and what are they doing

Could you give me the details of what backgrounds to use? Like space, grass, red castle tile, ect.

The background is Purple grass, blue castle tile, and black marble stone.
Also, any gim is fine, and id like one trying to fight one the bosses, the gims of the bosses are Bonesy, Chompz, and Ozi
Bonesy is the Black Marble Stone.
Chompz is the blue dungeon tile.
Ozi is the purple grass.
Chompz is the easiest boss, Bonesy is the in-between boss, while Ozi is the hardest boss.

ok it’ll be done in like 25 minutes


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One second im almost done

probly better then mine :frowning_face:

im not good at this at all your is great

really? thanks

Phew im done
Screenshot 2024-05-25 4.28.26 PM

I will try making one, give me a while though

This isnt very good cause my work kept getting auto deleted but still thought you may wanna see it

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see i’m bad at this thumbnail thing