I'm making a civil wars gimkit mode! What should I add? Any ideas?

You could always use rapid fire weapons like the recent guides…

they had cannon balls that exploded which is kinda still an explosion

unless im getting my history wrong


not the american civil war, a futuristic one

We are talking about future war

and the civil war did not have fast weapons they had pretty slow muskets

Again future war not past

Huh? isnt this about civil war though?

A civil war set in the future

He’s saying it takes place in the future so the world probably developed a stronger nuke.

aaaaaaa I get it now

wait then who are going to be the bad guys and who gonna be the good guys?
you need team names
like Echo and Vortex
also why are the evil ppl being evil?
add some lore, possibly?


Are we all putting santa hats on avatars? if so I need new image… i dont know what though

so uh the war would end pretty quickly with that

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Add a super long side quest filled with LORE and a Boss battle. Maybe you fight the President, or General _____

yes. it is smth ppl are doing
cough cough
back on topic, sorry.


Guys just ask @Gimkitsuggestor from help, He knows ALL ABOUT the civil war.

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I can make the santa hat

Unleess bomb is defused b enemy team

Phhh I know a decent bit

thx! that would be awsome!