I'm making a civil wars gimkit mode! What should I add? Any ideas?

Looking for new ideas! Any are welcome! Any new conversations are fine with me. Thanks you all! :nerd_face:

Civil war as in US civil war or like two warring factions?

Two warring factions. Should I add like powerups?

What year does it take place?

Well i specialize in randomizers… give me idea I can show you how to involve random choice…

In the future. Thanks so much, you all!

Powerups are good. So are emphasizing the differences between the two, like the big differences, like how echo and vortex have different colors.

Yes, add upgrades and buyable sentries as like troops.
Make some decisions like “upgrade defenses” or “upgrade attack.”

Yeah. I’m thinking about using their color schemes. Any tips?

Im trying to think but im running aroudn like 7 posts at 1 time…

Maybe add swords on sentries torso like generals had…

Disarm bombs and nukes before they are launched…

Don’t have colors that clash, and maybe use a few different gadgets. Or, if you want a real challenge, then make one have higher speed or something, and then have the other have higher strength, but try to balance it. So one team has different powers.

Add some props from One Way Out.
Add long range attacks where countries can choose to drop bombs on specific places.
(Use an Overlay and Popup for this)

Basically, Button Pressed > Open Popup.

In the first call-to-action, type a location.
In the second one, type next location.
This will make a near-infinite amount of cta’s meaning you can put lots of locations.

Use Gadgets like the Zapper, Slingshot, Quantum Portal, Evil Eye and PML.

Just some ideas @Artemis.

and if you fail, you have a BIG explosion?

if it is in the future. maybe u should make sentries a big part of the game. and use all the futuristic props?


Sure and maybe two teams compete 1 disarm-2 stop it from being disarmed and buy sentries to hold ground…

Yes…DEFINITELY maybe random power ups like chances at better or weaker ones…

Add quantum portals as muskets and add sentries but dressed up as some soldiers Make a boss sentry Robert E lee and another grant or another union general and add a day and night cycle and add a chat and make it as accurate as you can and add injured soldiers I could go on forever

the civil war did not have landmines