I'm level 1 when last time I was like level 58

I’m level 1 when last time I was like level 58

its a new season. your level resets every season

That was part of the new season update.

Your level resets every season but your career level does not ( a.k.a total levels in gimkit) so you would be able to post maps. But otherwise, Idk why they do that. probs for less space and memory? idk

its probably to like make everyone the same

idk about you but i’d probably freak out if someone showed me their gk account and they were at level 5 million or something

my career value is about 1 million

your level resets every season buddy. I was 146 last season

Can you mark a solution please?

that would probably not be possible yet. even if they did not reset the level.

why? do you want to close the topic?

This convo has been going on for 2 hours…
The simple solution would have just been “It’s a new season, your level resets” then the solution marked.
This could cause clutter.

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they aren’t active just wait
and solutions aren’t that big of a deal

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@Foxy is right sop pushing it

IMA make a community guide for a energy system in a minute just so you know

don’t those already exist

I don’t care. IMA show how to change the color 2 buddy :}

its out…hfjajkfafjkajklfkjlaf


And I didn’t know that trying to avoid clutter is so wrong but oh well.

And to be fair I’m not pushing anything.

Yes… I want it closed cause we already found a solution

Its a new season, so your level goes back to one