I'm having trouble publish

I’m a friend of this account I’m having trouble with publishing.
It won’t show up in the discovery/creative.

can you tell me whats in the desc?

im new too gimkit so i dont know what that means?

Don’t you just have to push the button?

there saying, the game wont show up

the description is where u write about your game under you game name

send me a sreenshot of what u typed because if it has the word j0

in or some others it may not work

like whats the game about. I think when publishing you have too do a description.

m13 ive been in your games but it wont show up and this is for a school project

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and i put everything it said to do in it.

until u show me your description I cant help you

i cant publish yet come tommorw i get gimbucks tomorrow

Search up the game’s description not the title.

just show me a picture of what u typed that’s all I need

maybe that’s why it wont show up?

i dont have the gimbucks it got waisted last week so i cant type the description

I’ve had this happen to me and I researched It and mastered it so ik that to put and what NOT to put

But my maps delete too im making a game rn

then just type on here what u said

ok hold on
its gonna be a sec

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