I'm having trouble making a counter countdown. Can anybody help? thanks!

I need it because my hide and seek map the counter doesn’t go down. and the seeker is stuck.

Use a loop (Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping) and connect it to the counter.

Lifecycle on game start → Start repeater
On repeater runs task → Decrease countdown
Countdown target reached → Run task

repeater :skull:

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I use repeaters because then the player can see the countdown.

a loop does the same thing as a repeater

for more on that, read the guide I linked

I mean if you want a timer, then here:Items needed: , 1x Trigger, 1x lifecycle, 1x item granter, 1x overlay, 1x starting inventory, 1x repeater, and wires to connect everything together.
The settings:
Overlay type: tracked item, Tracked item:Bait,

Item granter:
Item to grant: bait, amount to grant: -1.
Starting inventory:
Item to grant: bait,amount to grant: 37 (How long you want you timer to be in seconds)
When triggered transmit on: Timer, trigger delay: 1

Event:Game start

Task interval: 1.0

Then use wires to connect the repeater to the trigger,(Repeater runs task:Trigger) the lifecycle to the trigger,(Event occurs:Trigger) and the trigger to the repeater(Triggered:start repeater)

I tried what you said @Neon11 but it just stops at seventeen

since you’re using a repeater, make sure it doesn’t have an ending time.

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It did thank you @Neon11 and @GimSolver

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