I'm having builder's block

I need Ideas from you guys, the audience…
What do you want me to create?

Make a gim?

(ah I’m having builder’s block too, one sec, I’m thinking)

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I need something bigger

Design a set of Gims based off the (rapidly dissolving) Gimvengers.


Techically, the Gimvengers still exist, just without titles. The Gimvengers were always people that just helped out a lot.


make a lamp

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Not trying to sound rude but…
Why would anyone want to build the Gimavengers in their map?

Maybe make some animals as a challenge.


I’ll take it, but i’m thinking bigger…

IDK, lore reasons, personal challenge, someone thought a sword on the moon looked fire outside their 1wo map.

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oooo, that is a good idea!

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