Im going to make a Gimkit version of The Goose Game and would like ideas Ps Poll in post #18 and #51

Use the armor stand with armor prop with a barrier over it. Use a vending machine for a merchant or a button for a normal npc to talk to.

thats a good idea that i will probably use in future maps but there is no talking to people in Untitled Goose Game

the closest thing to talking is you honking at them

Okay.(I didn’t know that.)

thats fine its still a good idea
also do u like my thumbnail or is it to bland?
its based of this

soooo different locations won so can anyone give me location/puzzle ideas

the new eyes look splendid

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Now I can recognise you =D XD

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I have a question what do people mean when they say bump?

yo guys i’m back hi lonewolf

hoi do u have any location ideas

also how should i make the game fun for the humans

bump means to bump the topic to the top of the list.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes lots of sense now

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should i make it more modern style locations like cities or more goose game style

another thumbnail here!

(accolade is a synonym of title)
(title also says titled bird game)

perfecto chiefs kiss other weird ways to say good job

also do u like the new icon thingy

off topic but lovely new pfp

hmm well now i have to decide thumbnails? hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm :thinking: