Im getting mad about dis >:(

TELL ME, IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE CHECKPOINTS ONLY HAVE 3 CHECKS?! Or is it not possible? :frowning:

I think you can set up how many times a player activates a checkpoint in its settings. If not wire the checkpoint to a counter and when the counter reaches your target maybe add a barrier over the checkpoint?

Wire a counter to the checkpoints and have its target as 3. When it reaches that, it deactivates to everyone.

What Magenta_Dragon said ^^^

What do you mean by three checks? Are you talking about checkers or checkpoints? Please elaborate.

Checkpoints is what i meant…

Ok. I’ve never thought of having checkpoints have checks, but ok. Yeah, do what the people above said to do.

That is what I thought, there is no option of disabling a checkpoint.

put a barrier over the checkpoint so they can no longer reach it

but they would teleport into the barrier right? and it would be in the way.

Don’t put the teleporter on the checkpoint then. Put it next to the teleporter. Then put a zone under the teleporter and when player enters zone enable checkpoint. Then deactivate the zone when the counter target is reached.

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Huh? That made no sense but ok, I’m sick of talking and done for the night, I’ll mark Solution. Anyways see ya!

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