I'm craving to help does anyone need help with anything

if you do need something to be helped with that would be greatly appreciated

If you wait around in the help forum for long enough, I’m sure something will show up :face_in_clouds:

This is my question:

You should read my 2 previous posts

Here’s another one I guess…


Why won’t it let me interact with the button? The range is big enough to access that boardwalk, but it won’t let me access it. Does it not allow you to access through walls? It works when I use a different button in a different place (including walls in the water as shown below)


Is there any way if a prop is destroyed, 10 seconds after, the prop reappears with full health?

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Please everyone, vote on this for me:

Yeah, I’m trying to speedrun badges too lol. I don’t know if they show up when people look at my profile but I think it’s a flex. I don’t know what Oneboxing is though. I wish it went over more of that in the advanced tutorial.

There is an introduction to the topic in the basic explanation, but the way to post ‘oneboxed’ links is just to copy-paste a link onto a new line (don’t write any text on that line!) - if it’s a link to a compatible website, then a preview of the link with relevant information will appear.

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What are you doing?

Oh wait it was resolved, oops!


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