Im confused again. Eggnoodle's Voting

I know I have asked questions about @EggNoodle voting but I STILL DON’T GET IT. My other help topics did answer the question but i got no idea how it fits in the voting system. Can someone show me the checking votes system blocks but instead of 3 players it is 10. I need it for my polus map. Also any new properties added can you show me (not more team1votes, etc type properties). Thanks.

Just search it, here is what I got

No sorry Im using Eggnoodle’s system and I dont know what the checking blocks look like.

then you need to ask egg noddle that question there is nothing else i can do then

Ok. I think i pinged them with a notification. I just knew that there were other people who are just as experienced with blocks and could help me.

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Ik how to use blocks I can make a voting system but you need to show me the block code instructions @EggNoodle gave you or I can just make my own(takes some time) plus I just gave him a notification by mentioning him

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He or she made a tutorial: Eggnoodle’s tutorial

You don’t need to mention him because @Magenta_Dragon already did.

ah oops i forgot and I just looked through that tutorial? did you already try to do what he did and it didn’t work(if you just didn’t just do everything he said no questions asked and see if it works ALMOST ALWAYS works for me)

I did i just want to know what the checking blocks look like with 10 teams

Ok so what I would do is change the max number of teams(which you already did) add more property steps for each team(which you might of done) and I would add each if else situation for each team so that it will apply to more of them(kinda confusing ik) just repeat what he did and account for the new teams and properties. (lots of words)

I did that but it didn’t work.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh show me your block code

So i did this

I was communicating with Eggnoodle and sent him that, then he said that was wrong and told me to do this⬇️

So i did and i asked him what was next and he said follow Blackhole’s post.
It looked like Teapot’s post in my other help topic:“Block Code help”
And I don’t know how to combine the two. Also Eggnoodle stopped replying to me after that. I know its a lot.

He’s not wrong he is doing it right anyways I can’t help anymore I am signing off just keep contacting egg noddle

Ok bye. I wont mark a soultion though. I think @EggNoodle is off-line. So this will wait for him.

Also, you could message him in the gimkit discord @Magenta_Dragon.
He’s quite active there.

Ok thanks i think I will do that tommorow. (I still haven’t joined the Gimcord)

Um, I don’t think you should use Eggnoodle’s system since it is a brute-force method which doesn’t scale really well with more players. (since his system checks all possibilities rather than a faster approach)

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Are you sure? I think it would work. Maybe. If it doesn’t do you know a better way of checking? (10 properties)