Ii need help with a counter

How do i make it so a counter loses 10 seconds one by one?

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Do you mean the counter loses 10 seconds every 1 second? I don’t get it.

Like when they start to 10, it counts down until it reaches 0.

Oh, I see. Use this guide for a timer, except make it decrement the counter every second. Then make the counter start at 10. That should work.

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I don’t like how it said that i need to put a lifecycle “game start”. I only wanted it so when someone presses a button, it counts down until it reaches 0

Ok, get rid of the lifecycle device, and then wire the button so When button is pressed → Activate repeater.

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I did it, but when i set the counter target to 0, it did this:

It stopped at -1

Hm, odd. That probably has something to do with the repeater. If it’s set to 10 seconds right now and it does that, you might have to set it to 9 or something.

Does the repeater run for too long by chance?

I found out, it was set to 10 seconds

@LxmasHaxTakis repeaters usually run their first task at 0 seconds, so when it is set to 10 sec, it runs 11 tasks. basically repeaters set for n seconds run n+1 tasks

so set it to 9 sec

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I believe in the repeater setting you should find a setting called something like repeater runs immediately on activation where you can turn that off.

I mean, you don’t have to follow every instruction in there. It’s just a base for a timer that you can modify to your liking :]