Ignore this, please!

This turned into a [flagged-guide], I’m not a bad person, I swear!

Please take this down, it will be re-moved to devices

And it will get flagged as well

Removed to devices? What does that mean??

re-moved* sorry

Oh, ok. I thought this would stay a little longer, but if it is against the rules, I’ll take it down.

It says I need to contact the site’s administrator, and I can’t delete it. What does that mean??

It got flagged anyway.

If people comment in the topic, you can’t delete it.

Oh, then how do I remove it?

You can’t.

Or you have to ask the mods.

I really don’t wanna seem like a bad person. How am I able to ask mods?

I think I made it a tad bit better…

I need to resolve this, I can’t do this…

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