-Ignore This Please-

IGNORE THIS PLEASE, big oopsie mistake :frowning:

So a bunch of things:

This is not a wiki post. Only tl3 can make those.

You have a character limit to guides so why.

You can only edit this for one day so why.

This guide is empty and useless.

You gave no credit.

Please delete this.


make sure to finish this quickly as u are still a basic and because of that you only have 1 day to edit

sorry, I didn’t know.

it’s ok, just not very useful…

You can’t give credit if you don’t have anything in the guide lol.

im making a guide to everything im making guides on (sorta like a collection of guides im making)

i can’t delete it now oh no

change it to help, then mark a solution

it will then close in 3 hours [but probably +30 minutes or so]

please delete this
you only have one day to edit it

and it’s never good to make wip guides with literally nothing in them

edit: nvm i see you did

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