Idle game help and is it possible

Anyway im gonna invite u to my discord server if thats allowed so we can voice chat btw i have a voice changer to keep yall’s dirty minds from teasing my girly voice

Uh… discord’s blocked.

I do not have Discord because i find it toxic so is there alternatives

Its a private server no ones joined i never used it until now yall can get on ur phones to get on discord or idk

for your school oly mabey mine

Let’s move this to the GCC. We could get flagged. Bye! (meet me in the central chat)

I do not have an account and I’m do not have my personal laptop on me I’m not home right now

Alright see ya on gcc

wait what your discord username

Same as my forum username i think has a fish drinking from a cup

Only problem with idle games in gimkit is that the servers will always reset, restarting your progress, so unless you implement a save code system or something like that, then your progress will always be reset each time.

Also @Julius are u able to get on gcc?

I dont see u on the user list

What’s that again? i never heard of it
For off-topic posts.

its Cesar since the gim creative form user name is my real name I thought should make it more subtitle

Off-topic alert! Initiate Protocol On-Topic.

Is an idle game like a tycoon game? Also remember to mark a solution, @Julius!

That’s a pretty cool idea! I’ll think about it! It shouldn’t be that hard…

It would, unless you make checkpoints, which are really hard. You would need a code for each possible state.

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