Idle game help and is it possible

is it possible to make an idle game in creative

Yes, what do you need help with?

it is possible if you dont care for it to save between gameplays

you could use repeaters to make automatic earnings

If u need help creating the generators for whatever items you need just grab a repeater set it to the settings u want anf wire it to an item granter and button hooked up to shops that startvthe repeater

Im on mobile thats why theres more typos than usual

i don’t mind the typos

yeah is there a tutorial to make it posted

So… what do you need help with again? I’m confused.

He needs tips like the game mechanics of a an idle game

to make an idle game gim creative

van respond the code-sharing website to collab with me

Okay, are you familiar with game overlay buttons?
That’s gonna be the clicker part (modify property CPC)
Lifecycle+wirer repeater+wire repeater for CPS

When i get back home from scouts i will collab with you

Getting on there now…
Want my help?

when is that i also i may be offline for a good 10 minutes because debate stuff

yes that would be nice also

Okay. Tell me when you’re done with your debate stuff!

Idk 8:30 :woman_shrugging:

Or some other time i guess its merit badge day 4 me i think thats what its called