IDK if gimkit can do this-

OK, I have a question that might NOT be possible. Is there any way to make like a redeem code button or daily rewards?

what does the code* do?

*you can say it now?

yk how in games you can like find codes and redeem them for rewards? yea. that’s what im going for.

daily rewards would require an in-game day system (e.g. 10 real-life minutes=1 in-game day),

alr, do u know how to do any of these things? cuz i rly need help

i can do daily rewards

alr, can u show me how? (in pics cuz im stupid)

just a second like, two minutes

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alr, thanks, @eiqcrmeliutgwhc ! :melting_face:

I’ve seen maps where there is a question set with one written answer text used as a password. If you had an ingame system then you could make it so that when there is a new day the questioner activates and when the question is answered correctly it deactivates.

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Yea, but idk if it’s possible anymore as players can choose their own question set-


gtg and tell me if shdwy or anyone criticizes me for using a repeater despite being anti-repeater

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if you put it in as a link I think it’s possible?

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forcing a kit for questioners doesn’t work anymore (don’t ask why)

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alr, I will tell u if it works, ty!

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oh well. I saw this on the wix site before discovery was a thing

wait you could have lots of buttons one for every number that deactives all of them and broadcasts to the thing and if it’s the right number it reactivates the button so you could do it for the next number until you have the full code. . .

sorry that sounded really confusing but it might work I’ll look into it

alr, thank for all ur help, @UnderTheMoon and @eiqcrmeliutgwhc !