Idease for twist for platformer?

ideas for how to change DLD, cause there’s like 1000000000 different platformers on Discovery with nothing fun in 'em. I’d like some ideas for how to add a twist to it (that’s enjoyable and fun and that people would like).

You could add lore or more levels. Hope this inspires you!

make something thats the complete opposite of don’t look down, (wild idea, i know.) where you have to go down instead of up. (still platformer style)
i apologize if this isn’t currently possible, as i do not have the season ticket and can’t test it out myself.

make it so people have to trust jump, idk, something like that.

thats basically a mining game, thats been done before

and i think gimsolver’s made a never look up game already

dropper maps are the same as well

you can add a popup dialog line for a story! (can you do it in platforming, I don’t have the ticket)

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It is completely possible, but it may be a little too easy to complete.

Yes, you can! Most devices work in platforming.

already got that

that’s not much of a twist

what I’m looking for is like a theme that goes on throughout the map. tatke bh’s laser game. the twist is the lasers.

instead of props and terrain
use text
and place like the smallest molecule of a prop in the middle of the text
it would work better if it is an emoji

You could use Speed Modifiers to make a human basketball system.
\ . . /
similar to this

smrat, but that would become boring (to me) cause then its the same thing over and over

hows that work? the player would have to jump real high

and i don’t think that’s a platformer anymore

you could make it so that the path keeps going and then ends with a sign that says “go back you forgot something” and the thing they forgot is that at a curtain spot they where suppose to fall to get to the rest of the map to end the game. (hope this helps, please tell me if you want me to clarify anything)

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maybe take inspiration from other games?

Speed modifiers connected to a trigger with jumping and a chute can make a cool basketball system!

___Speed modifier. _____ . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … … . . … … \ . /

This guide


Try having them battle sentries as they progress through the game, like make them on a drop down or something so it can’t be seen before they have to fight it, maybe.