Ideas With My Protect The Sentry Map

I need help with ideas for my protect the sentry map. Right Now I have it so there are 2 teams, one the protector and one the destroyer. There are already buy able barriers, and 2 buy able sentries. You have to answer questions for money to buy barriers and sentries.

puzzles, mazes, and traps, make players have to solve puzzles to open doors, and walk through big confusing mazes, and add traps in and out of the maze.

This Is what I have so far.

Not bad, but add invisable mines that will harm the enemy team around your island, and that threr should be lasers inbetwee the barriers that need to be destroyed.

I’ll add the mines, but I don’t know how to make the lasers destroyable. I don’t have much experience with lasers

Ok you should be able to go into the settings of the laser and it will say, laser health, and just put the nuber you wish it to have as the health.

These are the only laser settings.

Hmmm, weird, you used to be able to destroy them, but you can place a vending machinge that requires a item and wire it to the laser so when item reseived, laser deactives. And just hide the item needed so players have to find it.

or I can just make It turn off and on, but the laser is permanent.

yes, that aswell.

Can you think of any other ideas?

I can, but those were my best ideas for your topic.

check this out for lobby ideas

You could add a shop, not just vending machines but add some details, a camera in the area, small decor and a sentry that acts a shopkeeper

Just saying you should remove the game codes to not get flagged but otherwise maybe add some more sentries?

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