Ideas to make somethin with the blast ball?

so i already read some idea guides but they seem a bit too easy so i need some complicated ideas of what to make with the blastball device

what if tractor in tfg replaced with blastball

what if goal to move one ball across map

what if we trick sentries into making a ball stay in place forever by shooting both sides at the same time

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that would be funny >:)

  1. if u wanted it to follow a path well then impossible but if u just wanted it to like score and end game when it reaches the supposed goal thats easy
  2. depends if there are obstacles to add on
  3. sounds possible but would need player or sentry bait to get them to shoot the ball

make it where there is sign that says “to beat the game” but every time they go try and go there they teleport back and they can’t get there.

the sentries look like this and they are all on different teams

but issue: they can’t see through the ball


im back

sorry i was on the worng thing LoL

yeah that is an issue but lets see hmmmmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
lemme brainstorm for a sec cuz this might require causing a sentry bug to work

what if we glitch the sentries ai using js or by confusing it by going back and forth repeatedly then use a game overlay to teleport out to keep it going i doubt this will work I cant test the js part but i can give the script required to change the sentries enemy detector if i experiment for a bit this will be tough but not impossible (i cant do bookmarklets due to my school chromebooks group policy settings)

You should make a game where 3 teams race each other to get to a goal with obstacles blocking the ball, Kinda like Rock n Roll in fall guys if you know what that is, And then make the final 2 teams 1v1.

(Each team should have at least 2 to 3 players.)

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Thats a cool idea I might try that