Ideas to expand my calculator?

I haven’t been on GKC in a long time, and now I’m starting to get back into trying to find ways to improve my binary calculator. I already have subtraction and addition, but what about things like multiplication or division? Are those even possible to accomplish without properties? I’m stumped, so if anyone who has seen my design before can help me think of ways of doing these such things, I would really appreciate it!

Yes. Multiplication is sure possible. Same as division. Use those math symbols on the block code!

Edit: NVM. You said without properties.

That’s the thing, I am trying to do the calculator without any block code, I’ve made it this far, but this seems like a huge obstacle…

maybe with item granters.

But it’ll be complex, so I’m not sure how.

Like 5 item granters, and your item.

It has to be every digit though, so from 1 to 9. Idk but

item granters can do it. Like multiply 1, you idk…

What if, and I’ve made thoughts about this before, but never considered it, instead of trying to multiply them at the same time, we put one answer into the mix at a time? We have the first number input, then something happens, then we add the 2nd number on itself that many times… It’s like you would add 2 3 times (2+2+2) to get 6. We just need to be able to use the first number input, as an input for how many times the 2nd number would add itself.

Use counter-efficiency for multiplication.

I don’t know if counters can display non-integers, so division may be out of the question. For multiplication, why don’t you treat it as repeated addition? For 3x5, add 3 to itself 3 times!

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You could use multiple counters to display the decimals.

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Yeah I was thinking that same thing, but I need to find a way of being able to use one of those numbers as the input for how many times the repeated addition is done…

I think I made a build that did something like that a bit ago. Let me see if I can find the picture…

Pretty sure this adds 10 n times to the top counter. I think.