Ideas on park ranger simulator game

Ideas on park ranger simulator game
(i know this game sounds weird but i hope it come out to be good)

What do you have right now?

i have a little park with a few flowers trees and a crafting table with water to buy with energy

here ill show you a pic @gimmaster12345
(the game overlay is wired to a energy system)

Add people who trash the area and you have to kick them out.

yea but the trash in the props is space trash

For @gimmaster12345

i was going to put trash so the park ranger could pick it up but as i said the trash in the props in only space trash

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uh… I don’t think you’re @GIMKIT.CREATIVE

oh that if you read my bio my idol is @GIMKIT.CREATIVE

and he let me do that

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oh yeah @I_Like_Props i let him do that!

Oh, I’m sorry!
I didn’t realize that, could you make it more clear in your og post?

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he said he was going to change it anyway

oh @I_Like_Props i really like your thumbnails can you make me a thumbnail for my park ranger game please!!

Of course! Fill this out:
Game name:


Gim actions:



Game description (optional):

Specific colors:


Hand-drawn or Photoshop:


add some water and add some props that make it look like a lake

hey @I_Like_Props
Game name: Park Ranger Simulator

Gims: Horizon, summit seeker, daisy,

Gim actions: sitting on a bench and walking

Setting: little park with NO playground just a bench with logs flowers trees thats it

Time: idk what you mean about time

Game description (optional):

Specific colors: no

Style: no style i think

Hand-drawn or Photoshop: hand-drawn

Credits: credits too @I_Like_Props for thumbnail

if you can make the thumbnail @I_Like_Props i would be really grateful

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hey @I_Like_Props if your make me a thumbnail when do you think it will be done

Probably by tomorrow but idk bc i have a lot of things to do


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hey @I_Like_Props @GIMKIT.CRAFTS is my friends alt and this park ranger game is mine he just wanted to surprise me with a thumbnail so when your done you can give it to me!

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