Ideas I need (Account got wiped)

I somehow got signed out of Gimkit and now I can’t enter it when my email doesn’t work. AND I had one of the rarest gims in the game. But back to the topic, I need ideas for my new account because ALL of my work in my old maps (Among us, Battle Royale) are gone.

Any ideas will help!

are you using like a google account or something?

I used an email. That’s it. And my account is still in my Google Password Manager.

is it a school email or?

you can use this for ideas

No, it’s a normal account

some of ur new maps can be a dungeon crawler with ur own little twist to it or a minigame!
or it can be plenty of other things like an rpg or a pvp or pve game


also for the account thing you can email i think it was


Thank you! Maybe I will do the Dungeon Crawler map. I like it.

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