Ideas for rooms in my castle map?

so yeah i have ran out of ideas for rooms to add for a castle i mean i got a large scale forge a throne room, dining hall ,lobby, and basement

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Dormitories! Soldier’s barracks, horse stables, moat! Dungeon!


i cant figure out how to do the dungeon as there is no prison props in gkc and im not doing the outside of the castle because its a escape game im making so dormitories and soldier´s barracks i´ll make so thank you for the ideas!

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Secret treasure room? With a dragon, perhaps?

so treasury, barracks, and dormitories noted…

Maybe a throne room with tinted glass windows on either side of the throne, and a red carpet going up to the throne.

barracks, trone room, great dinning hall, great entrance hall, kitchen, armory, treasury, and palace bedrooms. Also a dungeon. And the trone can be make out of yellow tinted wood, looks like gold.

Not really a treasury, more like a dragon’s hoard

@Blackfox45666 said no dungeons because there are no prison props, @WolfTechnology

Yes there is, custom, there are metal poles, use stone walls, layered terrain, etc. It can be made.

okay then. maybe it might work.

Yeah, you just have to think out side the box and be more creative than others will think, thats how you get great ideas that work.

Maybe not any props made specifically for prisons, but plenty of props that can be used to recreate one!

Thats what i am saying, custom create.

Make the most of limited resources, that’s what I always say!

Okay, now I get it. Thanks for elaborating, @WolfTechnology !

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here’s a little dungeon idea I threw together


Looks cool! Maybe you could put a tinted barrier over it so it looks dark and damp.

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Also you can add a mazes

Wow! It looks really good. I love how there is a hole with a spoon. I see you are going for an Alcatraz vibe. Happy creating!

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