Ideas for "Room Wars"

Want to help make fan-made ideas for “ROOM WARS?”
Well post your ideas for ROOM WARS below!

(Room Wars is a battle royale game!)

please don’t post guides that have nothing in them

this isn’t even a guide, it’s a thread

please move this to Help as it’s just asking for ideas

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Btw keep in mind that I am at 99% used in ROOM WARS so I will

I already did!!!

@deofungun2354 This isn’t a guide or a help topic. Please post a question or something…

actually @Haiasi did
but whatever


deofungun is asking for ideas


I know. But maybe explain ROOM WARS???

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I did! It is a Battle royal game where multiple teams fight to reach the end!
You can gain speed in the Armory! And you have to unlock room by room!

Why no links btw WHO ARE U??

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you can’t put codes or links in the forums, please delete it

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Why no links btw WHO ARE U??

What do you mean, who am I?

I mean! Your obviously not real!

Are you serious? That’s is honestly the saddest and rudest thing I’ve ever heard on here. I’m a real person.


Please STOP, this is very off topic

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You ALL respond to my stuff every time I post!
ALL of you say NO LINKS at almost the SAME TIME!

So? What’s unreal about that?

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