Ideas for roleplay

No Devices or wires

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You could make a town area with things like a pond
You could make a dark/spooky forest
You could make a hidden room by changing one of the walls to be a floor

What do you have already?

make a secret spot in a forest with a cool lake/pond with lilypads and a dock and boat

Maybe you can make log cabins and/or houses?

Perhaps you could consider incorporating houses, parks, and adoption centers into the project?

Here is my guide on making a house:

It may help…

I have 2 houses and a boba shop and a supermarket

hmmm… how about a boat in the skys? if you want something more like real life a mansion could be cool.

maybe you could consider adding a farmers market or maybe something like a police department place.

When discussing roleplay, people engage in a variety of scenarios, such as going to school, being adopted, or portraying different hybrid characters. The specific theme of the roleplay determines the type of characters and scenarios participants may choose, such as pretending to be pirates in an ocean-themed roleplay or pretending to go to the beach. Mark a solution soon.