Ideas for my zombie gamemode

So for the game, I’m making, there are 2 modes, Hold-the-point, and a zombie game, and I need some building ideas, basically, the zombies have to infect everyone, and survivors have to wait for extraction, and there will be 2 maps, a town, and a highway, so any building/car/vehicle ideas would be appreciated
(P.S. I already have a helicopter made, so no helicopters


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  • abandoned house
  • warehouse
  • creepy portal that leads to ?
  • a hole that leads to nothing (lol)
  • zombie lair
  • a turret that gims can unlock
  • gadget station that gims can unlock
  • abandoned shop so gims can buy gadgets
  • health fountain so gims can regenerate health
  • damage booster from a bottle
  • some lore
  • quest lines
  • interactive stuff, like pages you an pick up, books, and more
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you can add a hospital, neighborhoods, carnivals, and a secret base to survive the zombies.


I thought the gim glitch was fixed.

The zombie lair is there spawn in the zombie mode, graveyard for town, an underpass for highway

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I would like that but im out :frowning_face:

Lore will be like COD zombies lore, kinda separate from the timeline, but not really separate

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Make a working helicoter that you can fly.

you can add a police station. Also remember to mark a solution @Coffee

no, I don’t think Coffee will be marking a solution any time soon since this is in the ideas tag (well it should have the tag, someone like Haiasi, th_7th_dragon, wolf technology, wing wave, or blizzy or any TL3 I didn’t say needs to add the tag)


I already said to make a flyable heli.

You could make a back market with more powerful weapons @Coffee.

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