Ideas for my titanfall 2 inspired map, as well as story line

so basically, i need ideas on how to do things, such as titanfall, titans and other things if you played you know, the storyline is your apart of the militia, and a pilot, BUT your pretty much following the wake of pilot cooper who was KIA and now you need to do your job no matter the cost, for the titan im thinking of teleporting you to the same map, but mini and like 1/4 the scale so you feel big, with the normal little people being tiny circles, and stuff, hope you think this is interesting! and i also need map ideas


Dude, this sounds SICK, and incredibly hard to do. (Do you need a thumbnail I can do it) I am also happy to help work with you!


Try doing a destroyed city with LOORREE!!!

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What is Titanfall 2?

Really cool game where you play in a mech, fighting other mechs…

absolutely you can help! noone at my school does because " it will end up being boring" but yeah you can help , ill be on tommorow after 4:00~ and probably during school hours which is 7:45-3:30, but yeah that would be great, do you have discord?

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Give me ideas for thumbnails, also I will have the same hours and I do not have discord.

You should add a secret Duolingo mech if you complete a secret combination

Do you do Duolingo?

I do duolingo, I think that would be cool!


its ultimate move is a epic name for an attack in spanish


Whats your name in duolingo can we be friends in it do you do Duolingo often?

i forgot tbh lol, ill tell ya tommorow

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Set a bookmark on your message for tommorow

can you guys add me on Duolingo i need more friends.

OFF TOPIC (To the tune of HOT POCKETS)

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Though true you want to know something what you said is off topic too XD

Skeeter you still not captured from duolingo?