Ideas for my Pokemon game

I’ve been working on a pokemon map for a while now and have kinda hit a writer’s block in a way about what to make. So far I have set up most of the first region and have done a little bit on the battles but have mostly focused on designing the area first. Does anyone have any Ideas I could implement.

BTW, this post should have the ideas tag, right?

Maybe if you didn’t add it already add some npcs and a town?

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Most of what I’ve done currently has been based around aesthetics and NPCs. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Ok ur welcome. Good luck!

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Maybe add some minigames in the towns and locations where you can earn items.

And yes, we are using the ideas tag.

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A cave. Always helps.

Hmm, a Pokédex maybe?


Do you think I could that with a game overlay opening a pop-up or something?

Hmm, you could with block code, and some properties, like if property gengar = true, display words Gengar in Pokédex

Maybe look online for a map of an older game, and improve it! For the shop, you could use popups.

Just realized I never marked a solution for this and all the ideas are really good, and I don’t want to elevate any of them over each other.

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