Ideas for my next game

so this game that I’m making is a sequel to my first game and at the end of that game a witch trick you to step in to a dark portal what should happen next

You find yourself in a magical forest and you have to find your way home?

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good idea I might use that :slight_smile:

@jelloboss hello again, maybe you could make a corrupted zone like terriaria
Screenshot 2024-03-11 2.03.31 PM

I could try to see how it go’s but I do like the first idea better thanks for the ideas @SR-71Blackbird

If you feel like @SR-71Blackbird answered your question, you can make it as solution!

ok I forgot thanks for reminding me

maybe a wishing well? :sweat_smile:

wishing well, maybe a village :sweat_smile:

Maybe you get teleported into the witches house and you have to get out?

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