Ideas for my new game

I need ideas for my new game: Escape Rooms. I’m making 5 levels. I don’t yet have a theme, nor design choose. So throw out some ideas.

congrats to @th3_ca1tsune and @furry99pr0t00focxx


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Numbers around the room and there is a code to move on! Maybe a bank theme for that.

Uhh, I was thinking about hiding buttons, and when you click it gives you a keycard and you use a checker to check if your ready to move on… (I just needed level names and themes)

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1st theme: Army (choose whatever country, just school appropriate tho)

2nd: medieval

3rd: robotics/hi-tech

4th: beach

5th: escape room, kinda like what Mark Rober did in 1 of his vids


Maybe a room where there was say 3 waves and you have to defeat all the waves to get the the next stage
edit:A icy area and the name could be called: Icy Foes

Ok, sounds good. (btw Im a huge Mark Rober fan lol)

omg same. i loved when he collabed in the abandoned city w/ mrbeast vid and pranked all of em XD

Sounds good!

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1: Normal Maze
2: Laser maze
3: Sentry Maze
4: On and Off barrier and lase maze (Probably the most fun and Hard)
5: Sentry Laser and misleading paths maze.

Just base the game off already existing Gimkit gamemodes. That’s always cool. For example,

1: Snowy Survival Room.
2: Blastball Court arena (What it looks like outside the court).
3: Capture The Flag/Tag setup. Combine the 2 game looks. (Realy just an office setting)
4: Fishtopia pool room.
5: One Way Out corridor. The boss because it’s known for it’s fighting mechanics and stuff.

Yea, that could be good.

Next time you do a poll you don’t have to use the @. You could ping us somewhere else. (It was hard to click).

Edit: It’s fine just a tip for next time.

Sorry, :o

its a tie for 2nd place!


Mazes vs. a bank themed Passcode or Find the Button! An epic showdown! (me holding back so I don’t vote and be biased) it’s a three way tie?!

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capture the flag, tag, pvp arena, parkour, and if u have any questions about these just post a topic about it.

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It’s a 3 way tie right now!!

wow, not that popular :unamused:

How am I tied for first I’m not that popular/good.

bro i agree so much. im like in the lower 2 or 3