Ideas for my Micheal Myers map

ideas for my Micheal Myers map please help

Can you explain your post in more detail? Most of the gimkitters in the forum don’t know what “Micheal Myers” are.

Please don’t say “google it up”, since that could make you lazy on putting the explanation…

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I know I probably sound like an idiot, but whos michael myers

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Halloween scary movie campground movie

My parents won’t allow scary movies, so i maybe can’t help…

Can you add more details to that please?

Same I can help either.

I mean’t I can’t help.

oh well you could make a campfire with lasers, and if you walk in it you lose health, plant sentries that spawn in the woods for a couple seconds to shoot you then dissapear

Post 2 isn’t a solution, it said to explain in more detail, not the answer.

it will not let me delete this post im sorry

*can’t lol I did not mean to say can just realized that!

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