Ideas for my maze

I need ideas for power-ups, events, you guys know what I mean and I’m sure you’ll cook up some great ideas

Make it so there is an event where a waypoint randomly activates leading the player to a dead end
Make some lasers spawn randomly
Game overlay that can randomly teleport you to a dead end as a troll
Speed upgrade if you find a random item

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You can give them a damage boost (press a button) and some how have a cool down

already did that one

make monsters, not sure how, but next idea.

Many, and I mean Many dead ends.

Traps! we love traps.

Fake exit! They think they made it to the end, but nope. 5 sentries on fastest mode with a blaster with the best accuracy. Make sure that you lock the way behind them, and if you can, make a cutscene for your friends. Make sure to warn them of what happened.

Last, death messages. Randomize them too. My personal favorite for a maze,
“[Player Name] got confused In the maze, ran around, hit their hit on the wall, got dizzy, then ate a tortilla chip vertically thinking it was sideways.” Maybe make it for the fake exit, but yeah.

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Make teleporters activate everywhere and make you just go everywhere.

already got that