Ideas for my game!

So now that I have finished my other game I am making a new game! The Wild Wild West! it is a pvp rpg and open world and so far I only have a hub which is a town called junk town. the map is a desert and I need ideas to fill it up!

A gorge…
an old hermit

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that sounds good. maybe like an oasis

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A capture the flag space themed map!

a monster hunting quest!

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that could be fun!

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that could be fun yes.

add things like when you die you either go to jail

or mabey when a cp dies they become a hostage

There are a few places where I was going to make it illegal to ko and if they do they go to jail

then make two teams (if not already) to go head to head

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im doing something simular exept DND

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it is a open world pvp and not a capture the flag sorta thing but… now thinking about that it could be a fun thing to code and stuff. the players dont have to be bad or good but they could be on the bad team or the good team if they want to!

have you tried a random genorator

I have tried but failed

when you follow a guide the last step is to when you have the options, go to an item granter then put a when recived on this channel thing then do “option 1”

you could make it so if you do something in a town it can make you more liked or it can make you wanted which forces the player to chose wisely

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Kind of like blooket Crazy Kingdom! That would be fun! Mechanic wouldn’t be too hard either…

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maybe try making a boss fight hunting big foot and add a bounty on him

Fill it up with junk…