Ideas for my game where you escape from an abandoned outpost

I am making a map where you escape from an abandoned house in the middle of the woods and you have to find your way out of the woods and back to society without getting “got” by the multiple beasts that thrive in the woods. I would like some ideas on what I should add to fill space such as empty landscape and stuff. You spawn on the right side of the map but you have to make your way all they way to the left side without oofing, if you oof then you respawn at the beginning and you get weapons from crafting them out of stuff from the wilderness, please help :).

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Is it multiplayer? or Solo

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Try using darker colors to really set up that horror theme. Use the track “Spooky” to fit the theme of your game. For crafting, use a crafting table that’s set up in the spot you want to craft. Use slingshots as the primary weapon, since they would be the easiest to craft in the woods. Use materials you would find in the woods, such as Dynamic Stone, to craft. You can also use it to block these beasts.

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its either one really

maybe use barriers (that look like fog)

that is a very good idea thank you

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welcome back MrDiscoWhale1 barriers, armor stands, furnace

thank you, i took a long break from gkc because of my school finals :slight_smile:

what r school finals???

i don’t want to get off topic but they are end of the year tests that determine my classes for highschool