Ideas for my game. (GEM BATTLEGROUNDS.)

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This is an amazing game concept! Great ideas so far, you could add something like a wizard with the wand, and add different elements, like quantum portal for space, evil eye for flame, zapper for lightning, ETC.

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A hydra gem! 0.75 speed, but three weapons!

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Nice idea! But, soon enough I’ll see a quadruple wield gem, a quintuple wield gem. Sorry, but I need something more… Creative, thanks for checking this out anyway!

Thanks for the E-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-L ideas! The thing is, this isn’t a game concept, everything I’ve listed has been made. It’s just that I can’t publish it because my career levels are 33. If you want the game showcase link just ask!

How about a tracker gem???
Where they have an overlay that shows the other team’s location to their teammates
Also have you seen this guide, it could give you some ideas about gems, IDK. (I haven’t read it yet, just the first part)

Ooooh, a spicy idea indeed. The thing is, I don’t think it’s particularly helpful, because if you think about it. You only need it for ginormous maps. But I’ll keep that in my database, :slight_smile:


Scout gem!

Weapon: Rare slingshot

Speed: 1.75

Health: half as much health

The name kinda sucks ngl :frowning:

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I think it would be cool if one of the gems was a scavenger hunt gem. You have 0.75 speed, 0.75 health, and an uncommon slingshot. BUT, a few items spawn around the map and everytime you collect one you get one it gives you an item. I.e. a medkit, and if you get all of the gems you get a one shot quantum portal

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Very nice idea! I might incorporate it into my game. The thing is, I can’t make him have less health without regeneration. But I might actually add it!

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Sounds like a cool idea to me! Thanks!

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alchemist gem

1.25 speed
collect items to create a better version of your weapon
weapon is uncommon wooden wand
85 health

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GREAT IDEA! I’ll modify things I don’t like, but that sir, is a fresh idea!

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Frontier Gem!
50 Health
1.25 Speed
Lets you build sentry’s that have legendary blasters, but the sentrys can be one shot.
every k!ll you get gives you skill points that allows you to upgrade your sentry.

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That is a good idea, it might be hard to implement though, but that is a great idea! I’ll implement it into my game :slight_smile:

Here are the gems I am implementing, the alchemist gem, frontier gem, and scout gem! Thank you all!

the witch gem
normal health
1 speed
the witch gem can disable all the gems which lasts for 20 seconds, (cool down 45 secs) the witch has a common p.m.l

ooh, I’m not entirely sure how to do that, because. That is going to implicate the game. But I’ll try it in my test server.

Normal gem, you just give a rare snowball launcher with default stats.

Juggernaut gem: You have 300 HP, at 0.4x speed, and get an evil eye, blaster, and quantum portal. You also have 1.25x damage buff. If wanted, make even slower.

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Idk if this would work (the charging part) but
Charged gem
Starts with a weak common zapper and 0.6 speed but the more time you hold left click down your stats get better and every five seconds you get a better weapon.
(I don’t know how to make it count how long you click though)
Someone just needs to turn this JavaScript into blockcode

Altenative - you spam an overlay and increases like before (still kinda sucks though)

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