Ideas for my box pvp game?

Im making a box pvp game that is band them where an ability is a music artist do u guys have any ideas for artists and powerups? i just need 2 more

Could you explain in uhhhh… more detailed grammar…

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do NOT recreate this in gimkit.
Screenshot 2024-04-05 11.54.30 AM
Man Fortnite is really in a :cucumber:

im making a box pvp and need ideas

its music related i need an artist and an ability

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What is this music artist role thing?

u spawn into the game and u get an ability related to an artist

For an ability you could make a weird dance pad game, forgor what its called, and it ups damage.

so like you have a challenge and if you complete that challenge you up ur damage

Yes, to add on since this is fortnite related make it so they do this in the lobby and they have to do it before the game starts (like waiting for the battle bus). Therefore, its more of a passive role.

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Fortnite is copyrighted and Pharlin assured that any games using fortnite in the thumbnail, description, or title, will be taken down and I assure you that I personally have had enough with these games racking up views and are placed In the “High Quality and Unique” area on discovery when people who come up with original game modes that are unique get the bottom of the barrel. I have spent over 20 hours working on my tag game and after 3-4 months it only has 79 plays.


That’s the sad truth. I also have made a couple games that I think are high quality but got less than 100 views.


@XxGuyt6517xX Only reply here if:

You have additional details

The solution doesn’t work for you
This is solved and you stated that if it contains fortnite BUT this is box pvp not necessarily fornite. I mentioned fortnite but it is about a game mechanic not thumbnail, name, or game description.

I have dedicated my time and life to reporting maps to Pharlin over copyright reasons, the map is NSFW, etc etc.
Man, I have a ugly job, I have seen NSFW thumbnails, a thumbnail of the Mexican-American border for a r@cist game, and sometimes just random people, not even Google Images can backtrack them. I have taken about 100 games give or take.

@Kosm0-o, only reply here if you have additional details, the solution doesn’t work for you.

i dont like what fortnite creative has become, for ex. gyat bix pvp game that Xxguy mentioned

gimkit is a game i play bcause it mostly doesnt have the stuff you would find in fortnite. I would flag/report any game i find that brings the stuff that makes fortnite trash into gimkit. thats my opinion

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If you look in my featured link in by bio, you will see the record I started this Monday on games that break the Community Guidelines.
It is really interesting and doesn’t feature the creators names etc.

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