Ideas for Laser Tag

I am making a laser tag map, can you please just give me ideas for what obstacles, Easter eggs, and fun things I can add?

Is it a platformer or is it not a platformer.

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if it isnt a platformer make a dark room, with lasers going on and off, (weapons could be the zapper and the evil eye (epic and common)

I want it a bit more like each person has the same weapon. There are two teams, and it is more based on skill than what items you have.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

then i guess just the zapper, possibly with limited ammo, and you have to find the light shards to refill the zapper, (still dark room, still the on and off lasers) i think a 35 by 35 room or so, maybe 40

Thank you. Thanks for helping!

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do you want any ideas for devices??

im also thinking a couple of rooms with puzzles, like teleporters and stuff so you teleport randomly

OK, thanks for helping. I will add what you thought about the lasers and teleporters.

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last thing, i would love to hep you playtest the map (if you havent joined the gimkit wixsite ther is the links, and

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