Ideas for House Designs?

I have been making a map, and I want unique ideas for house builds using props. Any ideas?

Here are some examples of what I’ve done:


Maybe try using wooden signs (rectangular) for walls, and metal signs (also rectangular) for another. Of course, you can always try asking @WolfTechnology.

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Thanks for the idea!

In my opinion, the second one looks really cool

You could maybe use some of @Chong’s ideas from this Guide.

Oh, thanks! It’s a bank.

Thanks @wingwave, I would recommend useing rectangle signs and add a few triangle signs to give it definition or shape.

That’s convenient! I needed a bank for my Tycoon map…haha, it’s a win-win situation!

Thank you for the ideas!

Thanks for the ideas!

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Oh, by the way, I used briefcases layered and a tinted ice barrier on top


Okay, THAT is genius! I for some reason thought it was a bush…

Nice, thats what i do, take props and make them better with other props.

I only noticed that because of me recently using it for my among us lobby’s wen-shield thingy.

@The_7th_Dragon for your first house it looks like one you would see on a little fishing village(i like it). But I would use hay bales as the walls and the roof to be colored redish brown. That is what they look like in real life. Just a little tip.

Honestly, I was just grabbing random props and seeing if they would work well together. Thanks for the idea!

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Oh, lol, well you would never have now without trying. So I guess it turned out alright.

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