Ideas for guides

Ideas in comments

How to make sequences and series in gimkit creative.

Like math sequences and series?

creativity comes from the heart, try to decide yourself /nm buttttt at the same time, recursion guide hasnt been made yet i think, and u might be able to create a guide on that easily

Yeah… Should be easy

How to implement bitwise operations without sum functions

or make a graphing calculator for cubics and trig

I have an idea for a question difficulty, but it won’t do too much good in here.

Ok. That seems good.

Yeah. Use recursion and a term formula and take a partial sum (maybe 1,000) sums to get a “pretty accurate” result. Maybe you can even try making formulas to see if geometric series converge or diverge (pretty easy), use the ratio test (pretty hard), use the integral test (revolutionary), and other stuff.

Just polynomials or radical functions would work.

Yeah I gave up on recursion. I probably wont be writing any more guides now that school has started.

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ah rip

School started for me in the last week of July. I’ve already had a bunch of Unit 1 tests.

lol imagine if recursion becomes voting system 2.0 (everyone keeps putting off the guide).

How would you do that?

I used recursion in my guide.

I might get demoted to math 2 since there was a bug where my credit didnt transfer… hopefully that doesn’t happen.

yeah except ssa standard and that beginning middle end exam fl state standard thing


Also, I just realized you have a limit of like 100 powers for a polynomial.