Ideas for games!

  1. Pvp
  2. Explore
  3. Adventure games
  4. make a chatting function

Off topic…do you need ideas?
1.Laser Maze
2.Gim of the Hill
3.Murder Mystery
4.Sentries vs Humans
6.Battle Royal
7.Brawl Stars
8.Fnaf 1-2-3-4
9.Hide and Seek
10.Balloons TD
11.Death Run
12.Something like Gimjumper
13.Cafe game
14.Money Tycoon
15.Crossy Road
16.Freeze Tag
17.Scavenger Hunt
18.Hot potatoe
19.Duck duck goose

maybe??? Like Idk what to do. :no_mouth:

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k, I’ll try to do that.

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