Ideas for Forest Adventure Game

The title explains it! I just need some ideas for a forest, kinda like an adventure game for my map in GKC.

Any ideas??

you should have one huge tree that has a hidden dungeon under, have a few merchants scattered around the forest, make the forest a mystical theme(pink purple, red colors), have side quest, and have a area to build a small base(possibly a tree house base?)


These are great ideas @WolfTechnology . Thanks!

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Any other ideas?

Some Ideas: A scavenger hunt in the woods where players must find and collect specific items in the forest. Or, a survival game where players must build shelter, forage for food, and fend off predators to survive in the forest. OR A survival horror game where players must escape a haunted forest while being chased by supernatural creatures. OR a multiplayer game where players form teams and compete against each other in various challenges and tasks in the forest.

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a abandoned town ( if you want ) with many hostiles but with an amazing award

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Okay, thanks @Gizmo2.0 + @leo_flowers !


Make a secret boss only encountered by getting through a certain battle without killing it.
Make the way to escape secret.

Good idea @Dodge1 ! I’ll use all of these!!

Maybe a game where you need to defend a certain area from enemies? If the item being protected gets destroyed, the game ends? IDK

KK! Thanks y’all!

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Sorry, imma not marking a solution just yet. I have smth up.

An old shack in the woods, with a stranger inside. (Helpful, hurtful, or neutral? You decide!)


You could have a foresty shop where players can buy upgrades or power-ups. You should add a lot of plants. Maybe some animals? And like @Dark_Hydra said, an old shack with a person. (Good idea btw!) I am excited to see how this is turning out! I wish you the best of luck on your gimkit creating journey!

Sorry, just found out the message now. Thanks, those are great ideas too. Sorry, there are so many good solutions!!

It’s totally ok! It’s hard to pick one. I do wish you the best of luck!

A mini-area called Bomb Bomb Docks