Ideas for dinosaur themed POI's

I need some ideas for some POI’s (for my battle royale map)

Jurrasic park recreation? (Don’t name it that)
BTW anyone who sees this, POI means Point of Interest

I mean more like wild dinosaurs not a zoo

oh. but maybe make some white dinos who live in a mountain area?


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Dino Digs (sort of a l______l with maybe a couple a dinosaur bones in the ground)(I don’t know a word for l_____l)

Jurrasic Jungle would also be another good one

Pit, mineshaft, hole, and archeology site are all good.

Here are some extra emojis for decoration if you want:


:paw_prints:Paw Prints






And you can do a hatching area or a dinosaur-hatchery kind of thing.
Also: pterodactyl riding? (as a method of travel)


you could add this silly guy in it,

also, maybe have it so you can tame the dinos and even ride them?


Ruins (with stone column props and stuff)
Overgrown canyon/ravine/valley
Tar Pit (could be a very small POI, slows down people inside)