Ideas for complicated true/false system?

so yeah i kinda just want to do something complicated just for fun so as the title suggested i need ideas for an advanced true/false system

could you please provide some context?

Why an advanced one? Why not just use a easy yet effective one?

because i needz CHALLENGE

Me personally I would throw random devices together till it kinda works like something then try and make a sophisticated version of the thing I just accidentally made by using random devices.

Compare two properties to each other not using block code. If true, broadcast true. If false, false.

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ooooooo sounds good :0 ima leave this open just in case if any more interesting ideas come in

I don’t get the question it needs a bit more context please

fair challenge ClicClac got me into it >:D only problem is im having problems without using the checker (so tempting but im trying to make it without checkers} and yeh counter ive found so far are somewhat effective but have the lack of conditions for target reached
this is the system ive got so far i may have over complicated it heh :slight_smile:
the triggers are just to broadcast channels and they dont have block code

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well thats atleast half the system ._. (note it does not work yet) its broadcasting on channels at the same time of which i am still figuring out)

I wish I could help.

You just need one trigger.

Sometimes the uncomplicated is better the challenge.